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Gloves are divided into sewing, knitting, dipping, etc. Gloves are cut and sewn from various leather, rubber, knitted or woven fabrics. Knitted gloves are made of pure or blended yarns of various textile fibers, which are knitted on a glove machine, sewed and processed, such as clip lining, rib, sewing finger tip and finger fork, etc., and then finished by cashing, shrinking and heat setting. The knitting glove's organization has the flat needle, the rib, the collection circle, the leno and so on, the pattern has the plain color and the yarn weave jacquard and so on. The gloves for labor protection are required to be thick, and some of them are coated with plastic to improve their wear resistance, skid resistance and water resistance. Decorative gloves are required to be beautiful, mostly through embroidery, nail beads and other art processing.